Jamie & Nick {Truly, Madly, Deeply}

These two though…Jamie & I met together a few times and I knew from the start this was going to be such a lovely, simple yet classic wedding day(and super detail oriented)!  It’s amazing when you have on-point elements, things come together  perfectly.  Her dress, found on a trip to NYC, only needed blooms to enhance the already gorgeous details and so the open garden roses, ranunculus and lovely loads of muted effortless foliage set it off to a T!  And then girl’s dresses in muted charcoal, their effortless bouquets & trailing ribbons adding to the effortless style seen throughout the wedding party! Surprisingly, the groom, Nick, also took a keen interest in the fine-tuned particulars of the day & came out to review our plans; I was pleasantly surprised with his eye for style & the overall aesthetic!  What a truly fun couple, their love was so evident and is very plain to see in the images shared as well.  They only had eyes for each other! We softened the reception space with garland style centrepieces for both the round & rectangular tables and repurposed the ceremony arbour garland on the head table for maximum usage and lovely views from the table of honour!




Venue – Cambridge Mill  Photographer – Renaissance Studios