Karen & James :: { Simplicity and Surprises}

Yet another gorgeous wedding to share with everyone today! And the best part about this small, intimate wedding was that it was a surprise (and who doesn’t love a great surprise)! Karen & James celebrated their big day with their closest family and friends at Vineland Estates Winery. Their day boasted tons of rustic & vintage details, with simple white florals, canning jars, and charming wooden crates. Check out Karen & James’ beautiful wedding day as captured by Megan Strating Photography!


Bundles of baby’s breath and white roses were nestled in glass canning jars, and sat grouped on top of wooden creates with candle light lining the aisle. Gorgeous ceremony pieces joined the couple in the front of the beautiful large windows as they exchanged their vows. We wanted these all white creations to be lush & elegant, by combining orchids, hydrangea, mums, and white lisianthus we truly created luxurious florals that would be extravagant features of both the ceremony and reception.


Karen & James’ venue pulled double duty as the room went from intimate ceremony space to romantic night time reception room. The guest tables were decorated with tons of candle light and canning jars with baby’s breath, simple and so gorgeous!

Congratulations to Karen & James!

Chloe & Cedar {Fall in Love}

With the hustle & bustle of Thanksgiving coming to an end, it’s the perfect time for a little wedding inspiration that boasts the best of fall designing! Chloe & Cedar’s eclectic yet elegant wedding took place at Vineland Estates, and was so unique and stylish that their guests will never forget it (and neither will we!). Chloe & Cedar’s big day was rustically lush filled with shades of muted vintage blues, ivories, blush & tarnished golds, with gorgeous floral pairings using blush & muted gold roses, creamy hydrangea, silver brunia berries, and loads of fresh greens & fall textures. And nothing says “fall wedding” like pumpkins, and this couple did pumpkins in style! These white, robin’s egg blue & gold favourites adorned each table with cut wood segments, brass candle holders with romantic candle light, gold vases, and of course seasonally chic florals. Chloe’s bridal bouquet was overflowing with roses, hydrangea, dahlias, and fabulous orchids, her favourite white anemones, and of course a little touch of the fall season with the addition of a few pinecones & acorns (I mean, what’s a wedding bouquet without a little Fleurish whimsy!). These amazing pictures taken by Toronto photographer, BKH Photography, are a must see for any soon-to-be-bride looking for her autumn wedding inspiration, or anyone just looking to get cozy, grab a warm drink and check out some gorgeous florals.


Laura & Matt :: {Ravine of Dreams}

Living in the Niagara Region, it’s no surprise that vineyard weddings are very popular; with beautiful scenery, rustic charm, and gorgeous venues (and fingers crossed fantastic weather), who wouldn’t want a vineyard wedding! With so many wonderful options, Matt & Laura chose the very romantic Ravine Vineyard, which boasts some of the most charming vineyard features you could ever dream of, for their ceremony & reception . Amanada LaChapelle Photography was there to capture Matt & Laura’s big day, take a look at these jaw dropping photographs and be inspired!FleurishDesignStudio_AmandaLaChappellePhotography_NiagaraWeddings63FleurishDesignStudio_AmandaLaChappellePhotography_NiagaraWeddings43FleurishDesignStudio_AmandaLaChappellePhotography_NiagaraWeddings40FleurishDesignStudio_AmandaLaChappellePhotography_NiagaraWeddings39FleurishDesignStudio_AmandaLaChappellePhotography_NiagaraWeddings14FleurishDesignStudio_AmandaLaChappellePhotography_NiagaraWeddings13FleurishDesignStudio_AmandaLaChappellePhotography_NiagaraWeddings21FleurishDesignStudio_AmandaLaChappellePhotography_NiagaraWeddings22FleurishDesignStudio_AmandaLaChappellePhotography_NiagaraWeddings18FleurishDesignStudio_AmandaLaChappellePhotography_NiagaraWeddings17FleurishDesignStudio_AmandaLaChappellePhotography_NiagaraWeddings23FleurishDesignStudio_AmandaLaChappellePhotography_NiagaraWeddings25FleurishDesignStudio_AmandaLaChappellePhotography_NiagaraWeddings27FleurishDesignStudio_AmandaLaChappellePhotography_NiagaraWeddings26FleurishDesignStudio_AmandaLaChappellePhotography_NiagaraWeddings24FleurishDesignStudio_AmandaLaChappellePhotography_NiagaraWeddings04FleurishDesignStudio_AmandaLaChappellePhotography_NiagaraWeddings02FleurishDesignStudio_AmandaLaChappellePhotography_NiagaraWeddings51FleurishDesignStudio_AmandaLaChappellePhotography_NiagaraWeddings50

Laura & Matt’s florals were classically beautiful, with tones of soft blush, sand, ivory, white and soft gray-green foliages. Pee Gee hydrangeas, olive foliage, Ohara garden roses, Mother of Pearl imported roses, and spray roses came together in vintage bottles, milk glass vases, and turquoise blue glass for the reception decor. Their decor was inspired by romantic vineyard charm, with gorgeous long harvest tables decorated with lace runners, and charger plates from Simply Beautiful Decor, and of course the lovely low vineyard inspired florals which completed the stylish look that the couple dreamed of.



Laura & Matt’s wedding was absolutely picturesque and I am so happy that I was apart of such a special day! Congratulations and all the best!

Meaghan & Matt {High School Sweethearts}

Todays wedding is a perfect reminder that soft & romantic blooms can still be bright & colourful. Meaghan & Matt’s Cave Spring Retreat ceremony and Inn on the Twenty reception, proved that pops of colour mixed with soft creams and rustic elegance can create that certain “je ne sais quoi”, while sticking to a playful colour pallet. Their August wedding included summertime blooms in vibrant peach & coral, accented with cream and gray tones. Meaghan & Matt are high school sweethearts and after their many years together, their family and friends got to celebrate their long awaited wedding day with pure love and excitement. Reed Photography captured the beginning of the next chapter for this couple, take a look at these stunning photographs from their big day!


The bridal bouquet was a beautiful collection of bright summer blooms and wispy greens, while the bridesmaids carried bouquets filled to the brim with white hydrangea and romantic flowing ribbons.

The reception at Inn on the Twenty featured the same rustic yet bright feeling of the ceremony. Tables were adorned with a mix of blooms in vintage glass bottles, milk glass vases, mercury glass containers, and a hint of candle light.


FleurishDesignStudio_CaveSpringsWedding_NiagaraWeddings37FleurishDesignStudio_CaveSpringsWedding_NiagaraWeddings38FleurishDesignStudio_CaveSpringsWedding_NiagaraWeddings39FleurishDesignStudio_CaveSpringsWedding_NiagaraWeddings40FleurishDesignStudio_CaveSpringsWedding_NiagaraWeddings41FleurishDesignStudio_CaveSpringsWedding_NiagaraWeddings42FleurishDesignStudio_CaveSpringsWedding_NiagaraWeddings43FleurishDesignStudio_CaveSpringsWedding_NiagaraWeddings44FleurishDesignStudio_CaveSpringsWedding_NiagaraWeddings45FleurishDesignStudio_CaveSpringsWedding_NiagaraWeddings52FleurishDesignStudio_CaveSpringsWedding_NiagaraWeddings53Congratulations to Meaghan & Matt! Wishing you all the happiness in your new adventure!

Angelique & Al :: {Lovely Couples and Lush Florals}

Today we shine the spotlight on a great, out of town, couple whose wedding florals really came together through many email & phone correspondences; a couple who really trusted us to work our Fleurish magic to help design their special day. Angelique & Al’s wedding combined two beautiful Vintage Hotel locations, with their ceremony taking place in the Rose Garden at the Pillar & Post, and their celebration continuing just a short distance away at Queen’s Landing for their reception. Angelique & Al’s big day boasted tons of rich colours, including mixed shades of purple & magenta combined with accents of white & soft green. For this classically elegant wedding, the flowers played an important role as the focal pieces at the reception, and these stunning elevated designs definitely fit the bill! Take a peek at Angelique & Al’s lovely wedding day through the lens of Amanda LaChappelle Photography.

FleurishDesignStudio_NigaraWeddingFlorist_QueensLanding_AmandaLachapellePhotography_BridalBouqetLaceFleurishDesignStudio_NigaraWeddingFlorist_QueensLanding_AmandaLachapellePhotography_BrideandGroomQueensLandingFleurishDesignStudio_NigaraWeddingFlorist_QueensLanding_AmandaLachapellePhotography_FloralDetailsSucculentsFleurishDesignStudio_NigaraWeddingFlorist_QueensLanding_AmandaLachapellePhotography_Groomsmen DetailsEach table was adorned with lush, round mounds of colour which combined various flowers including orchids, a mix of hydrangea (including the always lovely Anna Bell), dahlia, and amaranthus, to create luxurious centrepieces. Angelique really dreamed of a gorgeous head table that would showcase the new Mr. & Mrs, as well as, all of the décor details, from the florals to the linens from Simply Beautiful Décor that the couple chose, and everything in between (I must say it turned out absolutely stunning!).FleurishDesignStudio_NigaraWeddingFlorist_QueensLanding_AmandaLachapellePhotography_ReceptionFloralsFleurishDesignStudio_NigaraWeddingFlorist_QueensLanding_AmandaLachapellePhotography_ReceptionFloralDetailsFleurishDesignStudio_NigaraWeddingFlorist_QueensLanding_AmandaLachapellePhotography_ReceptionDecorFleurishDesignStudio_NigaraWeddingFlorist_QueensLanding_AmandaLachapellePhotography_ReceptionCentrepiecesFleurishDesignStudio_NigaraWeddingFlorist_QueensLanding_AmandaLachapellePhotography_TableSettingFleurishDesignStudio_NigaraWeddingFlorist_QueensLanding_AmandaLachapellePhotography_ReceptionFleurishDesignStudio_NigaraWeddingFlorist_QueensLanding_AmandaLachapellePhotography_HeadTableFleurishDesignStudio_NigaraWeddingFlorist_QueensLanding_AmandaLachapellePhotography_HeadTableDetailFleurishDesignStudio_NigaraWeddingFlorist_QueensLanding_AmandaLachapellePhotography_ReceptionHallQueensLandingFleurishDesignStudio_NigaraWeddingFlorist_QueensLanding_AmandaLachapellePhotography_CentrepieceDetailFleurishDesignStudio_NigaraWeddingFlorist_QueensLanding_AmandaLachapellePhotography_WeddingCakeFleurishDesignStudio_NigaraWeddingFlorist_QueensLanding_AmandaLachapellePhotography_CakeDetailFleurishDesignStudio_NigaraWeddingFlorist_QueensLanding_AmandaLachapellePhotography_BrideandGroom
It was an absolute pleasure working with Angelique & Al. The Fleurish Design Studio team wishes you all the best in the years to come as husband & wife!

Liz & Steve :: {An Afternoon in Wonderland}

I’m in love with Liz & Steve’s intimate wedding at Vineland Estate Winery, a gorgeous Niagara venue. Liz & Steve’s big day was full of soft, romantic, marsala details, with gold accents, fabulous ‘Alice in Wonderland’ touches, and over the top florals! This wedding was a true wonderland, and the perfect inspiration for you soon-to-be’s looking for ways to create that warm, inviting atmosphere with all those special personal touches. Take a peek at these beautiful photographs.FleurishDesignStudio_VinelandEstateWinery_CeremonyFloralDetailFleurishDesignStudio_VinelandEstateWinery_CentrepieceDetails03FleurishDesignStudio_VinelandEstateWinery_BridalBouquet01FleurishDesignStudio_VinelandEstateWinery_CeremonyDetails01FleurishDesignStudio_VinelandEstateWinery_BrideandGroomFleurishDesignStudio_VinelandEstateWinery_AisleFloralsFleurishDesignStudio_VinelandEstateWinery_ChairFloralsFleurishDesignStudio_VinelandEstateWinery_Detail01FleurishDesignStudio_VinelandEstateWinery_GuestTableFloralsFleurishDesignStudio_VinelandEstateWinery_ReceptionDetailsFleurishDesignStudio_VinelandEstateWinery_FloralinVaseDetailsFleurishDesignStudio_VinelandEstateWinery_WeddingCake_FloralDetailsFleurishDesignStudio_VinelandEstateWinery_FloralCakeTopperFleurishDesignStudio_VinelandEstateWinery_CakePipingFleurishDesignStudio_VinelandEstateWinery_CakeFloralsDetail01FleurishDesignStudio_VinelandEstateWinery_CakeFlorals01FleurishDesignStudio_VinelandEstateWinery_CakeCuttingFleurishDesignStudio_VinelandEstateWinery_BrideandGroomCakeCutFleurishDesignStudio_VinelandEstateWinery_ReceptionDecorandFloralsFleurishDesignStudio_VinelandEstateWinery_WeddingDetailsFleurishDesignStudio_VinelandEstateWinery_ReceptionChairFloralsFleurishDesignStudio_VinelandEstateWinery_CentrepieceDetails02FleurishDesignStudio_VinelandEstateWinery_Centrepiece01FleurishDesignStudio_VinelandEstateWinery_CelebrationsFleurishDesignStudio_VinelandEstateWinery_AliceTableCardFleurishDesignStudio_VinelandEstateWinery_AliceinWonderlandTableDetailFleurishDesignStudio_VinelandEstateWinery_BrideandGroom_FallFieldFleurishDesignStudio_VinelandEstateWinery_BrideandGroomVineyard

Julie & Mark :: {A Vineyard Celebration}

Here’s a little wedding day inspiration for all of you wine lovers out there! Julie & Mark’s fall, wine themed wedding day took place at the always beautiful Hernder Estate Winery. The evening was filled with tons of florals in rich, saturated purples & greens, and crisp whites.  Julie & Mark’s florals included an elegant mix of Dahlias, Queen Anne’s lace, Calla Lilies, Alstroemeria, Stock, Ranunculus, Freesia, and Seeded Eucalyptus. Julie & Mark added a truly unique touch to their reception decor, along with lush centrepiece florals, each table was named after a specific wine and included wine corks that had been collected by the couple and their family (what an amazing way to incorporate family into the big day!). Grab a glass of wine, sit back, relax, and check out these vibrant photographs captured by Shawn Taylor Photography, and remember, be creative with your wedding day, add those little touches that make it special for you and yours!

Congratulations Julie & Mark! Wishing you all the best!

The Vintage Hotels Wedding Show:: {An Equestrian Design}

For those of you who didn’t get the chance to visit Fleurish Design Studio at the 2015 Vintage Hotels Wedding Show (and those of you who did and just want another peek at our designs!) this post is for you!

This year we were once again in one of our favourite wedding locations, the Pillar and Post, and as always we love to combine the rustic and warm atmosphere of this location with our dreamy designs and a unique twist! Romantic, loose blooms of garden roses, ranunculus, veronica, snapdragons, hellebores, viburnum, tulips & hypericum, textural foliages like grape ivy, begonia, succulents & fern filled our vignette, while little touches of fragrant ginester & hyacinth were tucked in between for a sweet hint of spring! One of Fleurish Design Studio’s goals at any wedding show or consultation is to show all of those “soon-to-be’s” how to incorporate personal style elements into their big day so it’s personal and special. But, it’s easy to overdue the details and make your decor kitschy or cluttered, and that’s why we added a touch of an equestrian theme in our design, to demonstrate how to combine your personality with fabulous florals in a subtle fashion. It was a wonderful day, as always, and we are so grateful for everyone who came out to see us! It’s always so nice to work with other vendors in the business as well, so a huge thank you to Defining Moments Stationary for the lovely paper details, Oliver & Rust for the unique antique pieces, Anne & Co. for our chairs, containers and beautiful dish ware, and Eva Derrick Photography!


Sheryl & Raffi :: {Glamorous Winter Wonderland}

Fleurish Design Studio was once again a part of the Vintage Hotels Wedding Show this year, and like always, it was a great afternoon! Of course pictures from the day will be up soon, but for now, take a peek at this fantastic Pillar & Post wedding captured by Shawn Taylor Photography, to get those wedding wheels turning!

Sheryl & Raffi’s February wedding was a picture perfect winter wonderland, with gold chiavari chairs, glitter table clothes, and rustic accents. Their romantic ceremony took place in the Gallery, where we designed a show stopping birch arch filled with mixed branches & a breathtaking mass of florals & foliages. Shepherd hooks with dangling mason jars and coordinating flowers lined the aisle to compliment the soft, natural look the couple wanted to create. Sheryl & Raffi’s celebration continued at the Pillar & Post as their guests entered the Upper Canada Room where the couples glamorous details came to life! A soft mix of blooms & foliage nestled in gold mercury glass bowls decorated the tables, and we added thinly cut pieces of wood to elevate the the arrangements and add that natural & rustic look, while lit candles surrounded the centrepieces creating an intimate & warm ambiance.


Sheryl’s bridal bouquet included a fabulous mix of ranunculus, white anemone with black centres, seeded eucalyptus, mums, thistle, viburnum berries, brunia berries, baby’s breath, dusty miller, and the always elegant, frilly tulips. For something unique, Sheryl asked us to design floral details that could be attached to her bridesmaids brilliant blue Michael Kors clutches, and they turned out amazing! (For all you soon-to-be brides, this is a great idea if you’re looking for something a little different for your girls!)


Congratulations to Sheryl & Raffi from the Fleurish team, wishing you all the best in the years to come!

Johanne & Earl :: {Sweethearts in a Rose Garden}‏

One of my favorite places to set-up wedding florals is at Inn on the Twenty’s Vintner’s Cellar. It’s romantic & elegant features always compliment the stylish details and overall feel of those weddings looking for that intimate ambiance. Johanne & Earl, and their wedding day ideals, were perfectly match with this romantic location. The couple had a vision of opulent ambiance, garden inspired feel, while keeping the whole look  soft & romantic oasis. Their ceremony took place at The Retreat at Cave Springs, and even the rainy day couldn’t put a damper on their excitement. The ceremony was held indoors, where gorgeous floral arrangements filled with garden roses in shades of soft & saturated pink, orchids, hydrangeas, and fantastic little hints of draping jasmine foliage, flanked the rustic fireplace and welcomed guests into the space. To complete the ceremony décor, we added charming floral kissing balls and mounds of pink rose petals guiding the bride to her groom. The bride’s bouquet was a modern cascading hand-tied overflowing with garden roses, and the bridemaids carried a similar mix of flowers but in a classic round style.


Fleurish Design Studio, Ceremony florals at the Retreat, Cave Springs Winery - Inn on the Twenty, garden rose wedding flowers, Carolyn Roberts Photography Bridal Bouquet01Fleurish Design Studio, Ceremony florals at the Retreat, Cave Springs Winery - Inn on the Twenty, garden rose wedding flowers, Carolyn Roberts Photography Bridal Bouquet02Fleurish Design Studio, Ceremony florals at the Retreat, Cave Springs Winery - Inn on the Twenty, garden rose wedding flowers, Carolyn Roberts Photography002Fleurish Design Studio, Ceremony florals at the Retreat, Cave Springs Winery - Inn on the Twenty, garden rose wedding flowers, Carolyn Roberts Photography01Fleurish Design Studio, ceremony florals, garden roses, hydrangea, orchids - VintnerFleurish Design Studio, Reception Florals, Garden Roses, Hydrangea, Orchids - VintnerFleurish Design Studio, Reception Florals, Garden Roses, Hydrangea, Orchids - VintnerFleurish Design Studio, Reception Florals, Garden Roses, Hydrangea, Orchids - VintnerFleurish Design Studio, Reception Florals, Garden Roses, Hydrangea, Orchids - VintnerFleurish Design Studio, Reception Florals, Garden Roses, Hydrangea, Orchids - Vintner

Joahnne & Earl’s celebration continued at Vintner’s Cellar, the room was dressed in lovely elements by Simply Beautiful Decor, including the chiavari chairs, silver embellished chargers, lace overlays, and even the soft fabric arch flanking the newly weds at their sweetheart table. The reception was a very initimate affair, with family style tables adorned with mounds of garden roses and coordinating candles. The couple’s wedding cake was decorated with the same mix of rosy florals in shades of pink & the hallway leading to the cocktail area included the aisle décor florals from the ceremony (This is such an important florist tip: don’t be afraid to make your wedding florals multitask. They are gorgeous, so use them everywhere!).

Johanne & Earl’s photographer, Carolyn Roberts Photography, captured the beautiful and intimate moments as the couple became husband & wife, and celebrated their new union with their close friends and family. Congratulations to Johanna & Earl, wishing you all the best on your next chapter together!

Jessica & David {A Long Distance Relationship…With Your Florist}

It’s always such a surprise when a long distance bride contacts me with an interest in discussing wedding flowers. The process is pretty much the same; initial e-mails back and forth, a consultation with the bride & groom, and of course the creation and delivery of the beautiful florals, but it’s all done online (except for the creation and delivery part of course!). I’m not a stranger when it comes to connecting with a bride and her vision via the internet (thank goodness technology has come so far!) and so when Jessica & David contacted me from their Florida home about their Niagara-on-the-lake wedding I was thrilled to be a part of it. The couple and I shared all of our correspondences over Skype & e-mail and even then it was obvious how love-struck they were by one another.

The goal for Jessica & David’s wedding was to create an atmosphere that truly captured their love and shared it with all of their family near and far. They wanted a classic & elegant wedding day that embodied a romantic ambiance; their colours included crisp whites, blush & soft pinks, and touches of navy. Jessica & David’s ceremony took place in the Gallery at the Pillar and Post where the aisles where adorned with light pink & white rose petals, cylinder vases with floating candles, and a white runner that guided the bridal party and loving couple to their places at the front of the room. The couple exchanged their vows surrounded by two gorgeous arrangements resting on top of hurricane vases and pedestals. The bride and her bridesmaids carried elegant bouquets that included a delicate mix of white hydrangeas, lisianthus, ball Dahlia and soft pink & white roses, and each bouquet was finished with a touch of navy blue as we tied a silk ribbon around the stems of bouquets.

The excitement of the day continued at Queen’s Landing, where the newlyweds enjoyed the celebration with their guests in colourful style! Flowing white fabric draped stylishly behind the head table and the entire room was filled with an eye catching pink hue. The guest tables where decorated with centerpieces that combined a mix of low, elegant florals & bud vases with simple, open blooms. Both style of centerpieces included a combination of hydrangea, sweetheart roses, and mums with a touch of bright pink, soft flickering candlelight & mercury glass vases.

It was such a pleasure working with Jessica & David, even if it was a long distance relationship between us! Congratulations on your new journey together! Check out these amazing photographs captured by Margaret Diotalevi of Avenue Photo.


photography: avenue-photo.com


photography: avenue-photo.com


photography: avenue-photo.com


photography: avenue-photo.com


photography: avenue-photo.com


photography: avenue-photo.com


photography: avenue-photo.com


photography: avenue-photo.com


photography: avenue-photo.com


photography: avenue-photo.com

An Autumn Love Story :: {Kristen & Joel}

Of course the fall reminds us of those cold wintery days soon to come, but let’s not forget all the beauty that the autumn season brings as well. It’s always a magically time of the year as the leaves change to brilliant shades of fall colours , the sun sets earlier, and the weather gets cooler (which is perfect for getting cozy and spending much needed time with your loved ones). Autumn is also a wonderful time of the year for weddings, it’s the perfect time to embellish with rustic elements and incorporate those great, saturated fall tones like deep reds, vibrant oranges and mustardy yellow. Kristen & Joel’s wedding was the perfect combination of rustic fall elegance and a contemporary twist. The wedding party’s florals combined a mix of gorgeous burgundy dahlias, soft vintage pink roses, orange calla lilies and tropical proteas (a little bit of a modern touch!) for the perfect fall look. The ceremony arrangements rested on fantastic golden pumpkins and featured beautiful autumn inspired florals which included some of the same flowers found in the wedding party’s floral details, and also some of my fall favorites like stems of kale. Get comfy, grab your favorite warm drink, and take a peek at these wonderful photographs by Jeremy James Photography!

FleurishDesignStudio_JeremyJamesPhotography_NiagaraWeddingFlorist_FallWedding01FleurishDesignStudio_JeremyJamesPhotography_NiagaraWeddingFlorist_FallWedding02FleurishDesignStudio_JeremyJamesPhotography_NiagaraWeddingFlorist_FallWedding03FleurishDesignStudio_JeremyJamesPhotography_NiagaraWeddingFlorist_FallWedding06FleurishDesignStudio_JeremyJamesPhotography_NiagaraWeddingFlorist_FallWedding05FleurishDesignStudio_JeremyJamesPhotography_NiagaraWeddingFlorist_FallWedding006FleurishDesignStudio_JeremyJamesPhotography_NiagaraWeddingFlorist_FallWedding020FleurishDesignStudio_JeremyJamesPhotography_NiagaraWeddingFlorist_FallWedding07FleurishDesignStudio_JeremyJamesPhotography_NiagaraWeddingFlorist_FallWedding08FleurishDesignStudio_JeremyJamesPhotography_NiagaraWeddingFlorist_FallWedding010FleurishDesignStudio_JeremyJamesPhotography_NiagaraWeddingFlorist_FallWedding09FleurishDesignStudio_JeremyJamesPhotography_NiagaraWeddingFlorist_FallWedding017FleurishDesignStudio_JeremyJamesPhotography_NiagaraWeddingFlorist_FallWedding018 (2)FleurishDesignStudio_JeremyJamesPhotography_NiagaraWeddingFlorist_FallWedding013

just peachy! a few of my favourite things…

As peach season is winding down I had to share a few pictures a dear friend Amanda, from Amanda Lachapelle Photography, captured for me one afternoon in the orchard! Living in Niagara we are so fortunate to
have many greenhouses, nurseries, cutting gardens and orchards at our disposal and sometimes they can be so easily overlooked…I have been really trying to make a point to stop; to stop & actually smell the roses, pause a few minutes and take in the beauty & bounty God has blessed us with and enjoy the nature all around! I had a few blooms left over in the studio, so I took the time to enjoy arranging just for the fun of it and incorporate  my favourite seasonal fruit…peaches!! I’ll let these gorgeous pictures speak for themselves…they turned out lovely! Enjoy <3

FleurishDesignStudio_AmandaLachapellePhotography_NiagaraWeddingFlorist_PeachesPhotoshoot004FleurishDesignStudio_AmandaLachapellePhotography_NiagaraWeddingFlorist_PeachesPhotoshoot011FleurishDesignStudio_AmandaLachapellePhotography_NiagaraWeddingFlorist_PeachesPhotoshoot008FleurishDesignStudio_AmandaLachapellePhotography_NiagaraWeddingFlorist_PeachesPhotoshoot001FleurishDesignStudio_AmandaLachapellePhotography_NiagaraWeddingFlorist_PeachesPhotoshoot012FleurishDesignStudio_AmandaLachapellePhotography_NiagaraWeddingFlorist_PeachesPhotoshoot006FleurishDesignStudio_AmandaLachapellePhotography_NiagaraWeddingFlorist_PeachesPhotoshoot005FleurishDesignStudio_AmandaLachapellePhotography_NiagaraWeddingFlorist_PeachesPhotoshoot002FleurishDesignStudio_AmandaLachapellePhotography_NiagaraWeddingFlorist_PeachesPhotoshoot003FleurishDesignStudio_AmandaLachapellePhotography_NiagaraWeddingFlorist_PeachesPhotoshoot007FleurishDesignStudio_AmandaLachapellePhotography_NiagaraWeddingFlorist_PeachesPhotoshoot010…if you are feeling inspired & would like some lovely florals for your Thanksgiving table, be sure to sign up for the Centrepiece Workshop with details in the previous blog post.

Thanks!  ~ Jess

Fleurish ThG Workshop

Excited to announce Fleurish’s very first workshop!  Just in time for Thanksgiving I will be offering 2 hands-on floral workshops!  Please check out the dates, share with others and let me know if you are interested!  Looking forward to share my talents & knowledge to get our hands deep into local fall flowers, fruits, veg and other interesting foliage!

Jennie & Bastian:: {Capturing Love: A “Parisian Romance” Photo Shoot}

It was on a frigid February day when something wonderfully magical happened- another amazing photo shoot! However, this wasn’t just an opportunity for us vendors to show off our talents; rather, it was a way to celebrate the one year anniversary of the most charming couple, and give them something they didn’t have at their small Ancaster wedding last year, a collection of special photographs that would capture their love forever! Jennie & Bastian met in France under not-so-traditional circumstances, and fell head over heals for one another (you know the kind of story that ends with, “and the rest is history”), well that was definitely their kind of love story, and  just by working with this couple you can see that they were meant to be. In February 2013 Jennie & Bastian said ‘I Do’ surround by immediate family and closest friends in a small intimate wedding. This past February Fleurish Design Studio joined together with several other vendors, including the wonderful Nataschia of Nataschia Wielink Photo + Cinema (who asked Fleurish to be a part of this amazing project, Thanks!) and Amanda of Amanda Cowley Sweet Events, to recapture the beauty and love of that very day, with our exciting little Parisian editions of course! Take a look a these amazing photographs captured by Nataschia Wielink Photo + Cinema.

View More: http://nataschiawielink.pass.us/bastian-jennieView More: http://nataschiawielink.pass.us/bastian-jennieView More: http://nataschiawielink.pass.us/bastian-jennieView More: http://nataschiawielink.pass.us/bastian-jennieView More: http://nataschiawielink.pass.us/bastian-jennieView More: http://nataschiawielink.pass.us/bastian-jennieView More: http://nataschiawielink.pass.us/bastian-jennieView More: http://nataschiawielink.pass.us/bastian-jennieI really wanted to take a natural, yet romantic, approach to the floral designs for this shoot, relying on simple details to reflect the sentiment of Jennie & Bastian who truly are about the simple things in life like their love for family, friends, and one another. Rustic elements and textural additions like privet, viburnum berries, magnolia leaves, podocarpus, Peruvian bean pods, and thistles added interest to the designs without being overpowering (after all we didn’t want to overshadow the soft & sweet romance of Jennie & Bastian!). With the presence of the never ending winter during the photo shoot, I thought it would be nice to include a mix of spring florals, not only were they a great reminder to everyone that warmer weather was on its way, but it also signified the blossoming of another romantic year as husband & wife for Jennie & Bastian. I included a beautiful mix of French tulips, narcissus, ranunculus, helleborus, muscari, and hyacinth in various shades of white, muted orange, and blues. The colours in the floral designs really captured the surrounding nature at the Niagara Park Commission as the last of the remaining leaves that survived over the winter months swayed in the wintery winds, serving as the perfect backdrop for our styled shoot (now that is romance at its best!).View More: http://nataschiawielink.pass.us/bastian-jennieView More: http://nataschiawielink.pass.us/bastian-jennieView More: http://nataschiawielink.pass.us/bastian-jennieView More: http://nataschiawielink.pass.us/bastian-jennieView More: http://nataschiawielink.pass.us/bastian-jennieView More: http://nataschiawielink.pass.us/bastian-jennieView More: http://nataschiawielink.pass.us/bastian-jennieView More: http://nataschiawielink.pass.us/bastian-jennieView More: http://nataschiawielink.pass.us/bastian-jennieView More: http://nataschiawielink.pass.us/bastian-jennie

A huge ‘thank you’ to Jennie & Bastian for allowing us to capture your love in our Parisian inspired photo shoot, the Fleurish Design Studio team wish you years upon years of happiness. And another huge ‘thank you’ to  Nataschia Wielink & Amanda Cowley for asking me to be a part of such a special day!

Photography: Nataschia Wielink Photography / Design & Styling: Amanda Cowley Sweet Events / Floral Design: Fleurish Design Studio / Stationary & Paper Goods: Defining Moments Stationary / Hair & Makeup: Allure Hair & Makeup / Venue: Niagara Parks School of Horticulture

Spring Style Shoot with Carolyn Bentum Photography

Spring is on its way…or dare I say here?! Why not start the season with some beautiful wedding inspiration!

I love collaborative style shoots, where so many talented minds come together and create one amazing project! It’s a great way to connect with other wedding professionals, share your design interests and concepts, and truly inspire those looking for wonderfully unique wedding ideas. Take a look at these amazing photographs of the late spring vintage wedding, with a dreamy modern twist style shoot taken by Carolyn Bentum Photography, and a huge ‘thank you’ for letting me a part of the day!

Fleurish Design Studio_Carolyn Bentum Photography_Styled Shoot_Detail07Fleurish Design Studio_Carolyn Bentum Photography_Styled Shoot_Details03Fleurish Design Studio_Carolyn Bentum Photography_Styled Shoot_Details04Fleurish Design Studio_Carolyn Bentum Photography_Styled Shoot_Detail08Fleurish Design Studio_Carolyn Bentum Photography_Styled Shoot_Centrepiece05Fleurish Design Studio_Carolyn Bentum Photography_Styled Shoot_Centrepiece04Fleurish Design Studio_Carolyn Bentum Photography_Styled Shoot_Centrepiece01Fleurish Design Studio_Carolyn Bentum Photography_Styled Shoot_Centrepiece02Fleurish Design Studio_Carolyn Bentum Photography_Styled Shoot_Detail06Fleurish Design Studio_Carolyn Bentum Photography_Styled Shoot_Details01Fleurish Design Studio_Carolyn Bentum Photography_Styled Shoot_Detail13Fleurish Design Studio_Carolyn Bentum Photography_Styled Shoot_Detail04Fleurish Design Studio_Carolyn Bentum Photography_Styled Shoot_Detail09Fleurish Design Studio_Carolyn Bentum Photography_Styled Shoot_Detail03Fleurish Design Studio_Carolyn Bentum Photography_Styled Shoot_Details02Fleurish Design Studio_Carolyn Bentum Photography_Styled Shoot_Cake01Fleurish Design Studio_Carolyn Bentum Photography_Styled Shoot_Cake02Fleurish Design Studio_Carolyn Bentum Photography_Styled Shoot_Detail05Fleurish Design Studio_Carolyn Bentum Photography_Styled Shoot_Centrepiece06Fleurish Design Studio_Carolyn Bentum Photography_Styled Shoot_Detail12Fleurish Design Studio_Carolyn Bentum Photography_Styled Shoot_Centrepiece03jpgFleurish Design Studio_Carolyn Bentum Photography_Styled Shoot_Detail10Fleurish Design Studio_Carolyn Bentum Photography_Styled Shoot_Detail11Fleurish Design Studio_Carolyn Bentum Photography_Styled Shoot_Bouquet02Fleurish Design Studio_Carolyn Bentum Photography_Styled Shoot_Bouquet04Fleurish Design Studio_Carolyn Bentum Photography_Styled Shoot_Bouquet01Fleurish Design Studio_Carolyn Bentum Photography_Styled Shoot_Groom02Fleurish Design Studio_Carolyn Bentum Photography_Styled Shoot_Groom01Fleurish Design Studio_Carolyn Bentum Photography_Styled Shoot_Bouquet03


A Day at the studio with Oliver & Rust


Photography: Oliver and Rust

Whenever I’m asked to create designs for an editorial project, or participate in events & features, I’m always so honored because it is such a huge compliment to my artistry. This past month I was approached by Meg of Oliver and Rust to be a feature on her blog. But, this time it wasn’t going to be just about the final pieces that I design, it was going to focus on the space where it all happens; from consultation to creation! As most of you know, at the beginning of this year I opened my brand new studio, a project that my husband and I dreamed up from our old barn in the backyard. This space is the perfect representation of who I am as a designer, business owner, and décor enthusiast. Working in this space day after day, I must say it checks all of my ‘dream come true’ boxes. It’s a bright space that is warm & inviting, and it gives couples the opportunity to consult with me about the vision they imagine for their wedding flowers & see where their dream designs come to life. The studio combines the rustic and vintage features that I loved about our original barn (including a reclaimed barn board wall as homage to the original building) with modern amenities. Most importantly, this studio is a reminder everyday of how grateful I am; one to be able to follow my career dreams, and two, to be able to wake up in the morning and take a handful of steps to work, and only be only few steps away from my family each day.

A huge thanks goes to Meg of Oliver and Rust for sharing my studio on her blog and for the beautiful photographs! Be sure to check out the Fleurish Design Studio blog on Oliver and Rust, along with all of the other amazing blogs on the website!

Talk soon!



Fleurish Design Studio on Style Me Pretty


So excited to see my florals featured on Style Me Pretty for a surprise wedding we worked on in September!  Thanks so much to Katie for sharing!  Do take a moment to read their special story and check out this lovely backyard surprise wedding! Thanks so much to Diana Marie Photography for these lovely photos! What a fun surprise wedding idea &  I love seeing our florals paired with old vintage cheese boxes from Key Event Rentals!

Organically Inspired :: {The Vintage Hotels Wedding Show 2014}

 In March, Fleurish Design Studio was thrilled to, yet again, be a part of the Vintage Hotels Wedding Show! And although the chilly March weather was blustering outside, inside at the Pillar & Post, magical things were happening! Eager soon-to-be-brides and their mothers, bridesmaids, fiancés, friends & family members, filled the Upper Canada Ballroom at the Pillar & Post with excitement and elaborate ideas. It’s always such a great experience connecting with an array of brides; some who are searching for inspiration, ones wanting to chat about Fleurish creating their dream florals, and others who are already clients but are excited to catch up and check out our designs for the day. This year we pulled together a very ambitious booth design to represent Fleurish Design Studio’s 2014 style & inspiration!


Stepping away from the traditional wedding reception set up, we decided to show all those future brides a glimpse at some gorgeous possibilities for their ceremony; whether it will be ultra lavish or simply intimate. Our design included radiant & delicate pinks, soft whites, and wonderful rustic elements, including; tree stumps with an assortment of vintage pink vases resting on top, rustic inspired seating with simple ribbon and green filler accents, and a beautiful, organic inspired, ceremony arrangement surrounded by candle light, that combined a lush mix of flowers and greens, including; tulips, roses, sweetheart roses, seeded eucalyptus, and the always gorgeous, phalaenopsis orchid!  And for a show stopper, we literally built a wall! For our backdrop we wanted something rustic & truly unique, so we brought in a barn board wall (‘wasn’t that heavy?’ is what you’re thinking right?…YES! Very Heavy!), but it was well worth the workout as it really pulled the ceremony space together and it provided the perfect backdrop for our trendy canvas printed logo. Most importantly, it inspired another fantastic floral piece; the romantically rustic wall installation. This wonderful design adorned the wall in the same bright and organic mix of flowers used in the ceremony table piece and was truly a ‘WOW’ detail (I just love the way the greens and flowers naturally drape across the barn board!).

As always, we loved being a part of the Vintage Hotels Wedding Show, and we were grateful to once again be a part of the great vendor line-up at the Pillar & Post. It was an amazing day and we just want to say “thank you!” to all of you wonderful brides-to-be for making the trip to visit us!


Have questions about your upcoming wedding day? Want to chat about your ideas? Fleurish Design Studio would love to book a consultation with you! Visit us at www.Fleurishdesignstudio.com.