An Autumn Love Story :: {Kristen & Joel}

Of course the fall reminds us of those cold wintery days soon to come, but let’s not forget all the beauty that the autumn season brings as well. It’s always a magically time of the year as the leaves change to brilliant shades of fall colours , the sun sets earlier, and the weather gets cooler (which is perfect for getting cozy and spending much needed time with your loved ones). Autumn is also a wonderful time of the year for weddings, it’s the perfect time to embellish with rustic elements and incorporate those great, saturated fall tones like deep reds, vibrant oranges and mustardy yellow. Kristen & Joel’s wedding was the perfect combination of rustic fall elegance and a contemporary twist. The wedding party’s florals combined a mix of gorgeous burgundy dahlias, soft vintage pink roses, orange calla lilies and tropical proteas (a little bit of a modern touch!) for the perfect fall look. The ceremony arrangements rested on fantastic golden pumpkins and featured beautiful autumn inspired florals which included some of the same flowers found in the wedding party’s floral details, and also some of my fall favorites like stems of kale. Get comfy, grab your favorite warm drink, and take a peek at these wonderful photographs by Jeremy James Photography!

FleurishDesignStudio_JeremyJamesPhotography_NiagaraWeddingFlorist_FallWedding01FleurishDesignStudio_JeremyJamesPhotography_NiagaraWeddingFlorist_FallWedding02FleurishDesignStudio_JeremyJamesPhotography_NiagaraWeddingFlorist_FallWedding03FleurishDesignStudio_JeremyJamesPhotography_NiagaraWeddingFlorist_FallWedding06FleurishDesignStudio_JeremyJamesPhotography_NiagaraWeddingFlorist_FallWedding05FleurishDesignStudio_JeremyJamesPhotography_NiagaraWeddingFlorist_FallWedding006FleurishDesignStudio_JeremyJamesPhotography_NiagaraWeddingFlorist_FallWedding020FleurishDesignStudio_JeremyJamesPhotography_NiagaraWeddingFlorist_FallWedding07FleurishDesignStudio_JeremyJamesPhotography_NiagaraWeddingFlorist_FallWedding08FleurishDesignStudio_JeremyJamesPhotography_NiagaraWeddingFlorist_FallWedding010FleurishDesignStudio_JeremyJamesPhotography_NiagaraWeddingFlorist_FallWedding09FleurishDesignStudio_JeremyJamesPhotography_NiagaraWeddingFlorist_FallWedding017FleurishDesignStudio_JeremyJamesPhotography_NiagaraWeddingFlorist_FallWedding018 (2)FleurishDesignStudio_JeremyJamesPhotography_NiagaraWeddingFlorist_FallWedding013